Meet Dan: Support Worker

I'm Dan, and after 18 yrs being self employed, I decided it was time to start my career with a disability provider.

Part of a collaborative team

In the final year of my business studies, I mentioned to the lecturer that I would like to donate my time to the community services after my business career.

At the time I didn’t really have a clear picture what I would be doing to give back to the community, however, it was my own upbringing and growing up in a country where human rights were often ignored and compromised let alone acknowledged which inspired me to do well in life and stand up for the underprivileged.

The lecturer was rather ambiguous of my life aspiration and said ‘it was an unlikely combination and good luck’.

After 18 years being self employed and two years working for others, in October 2010 I decided it was the time to enter my inspired world with a disability provider. Not knowing Aruma (formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation), I presented my CV to the Wollongong HR team.

The mental transition was smooth from self employment in retail, to being a Support Worker and the fact is that I like people.

Aruma is a human rights based organisation, which gears up all resources to help people with a disability to live not an ordinary life but a great life with greater choice, control, and freedom.

Aruma with its proactive innovations and resources has proven to ‘always do the talk, not walk the talk’.

Everyone at Aruma has a collaborative role to play to make things happen for our customers and as a Support Worker, I am always given great supports when needed from the very top to colleagues.

The opportunities are there for those who would pursue the leadership aspiration. For me, I have been very happy to be a Support Worker who could also be a mentor, coach, or even a side line cheerer.

I would not dream of getting my old job back as this valued and flexible one fulfils my own personal journey process. The flexibility also means I can enjoy badminton and tennis, which I love.