Mia’s story

You can help children like Mia who need your support to improve their lives.

Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

This Christmas, hope is in short supply for some children. Please help by donating an urgent gift towards our vital children’s services.

It’s tough for families at Christmas-time. For mums and dads who are doing whatever it takes to help their child with a disability.

Sometimes, under this strain, families can just fall apart. Particularly if they were already dealing with other overwhelming difficulties.

In the lead-up to Christmas last year, *Mia was 12 years old and locked in her own world, sad and angry.

Mia’s autism means she suffers the frustration and loneliness of being non-verbal. Her limited vision also isolates her from others. She ‘eats’ via a stomach tube.

Her mum has an intellectual disability, and she just couldn’t cope. So Mia spent nearly all her life in foster care. As she grew older, her distress grew too. Eventually her difficult behaviour made it impossible for her elderly carer to look after her anymore.

Young girl with a disability outside giving a thumbs up

After Mia’s foster placement broke down we could assist her – thanks to people like you. We gave her a new home in our Aruma (formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation) group accommodation and began to support her development through our children’s services.

What a difference a year can make to a child like Mia! Mia’s life is so much better since she has been equipped with the skills and support to connect in the way she wanted to … and you have helped us do this.

“We’ve been delighted to see all the ‘firsts’ in Mia’s life since we started helping her. She’s been on trips to the movies, to fetes and galas, the beach, parks, swimming and much more. She now goes to school five full days a week and is making friends. She’s a positive and happy presence, constantly surprising herself and her support team.” said Children’s Services Area Manager, Birgitte Carmody.

Christmas should be fun for all children, regardless of their abilities. Without intervention, other children like Mia have no hope of changing life for themselves. They have plenty of beautiful potential, but they just can’t nurture it on their own.

Please make a donation as soon as you can and give children with a disability this extra special Christmas gift that will improve their future lives.

*Mia’s name and photo changed for privacy

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