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You can open up a world of opportunity for others to realise their dreams with a gift in your Will.

Leave a gift in Will

Your support of Aruma gives people with a disability opportunities to lead a fulfilling life. A gift in your Will costs you nothing in this lifetime, but your generous donation will empower future generations of people with a disability to live their lives with dignity and equality.

Anyone can leave a gift in their Will – it’s one of the most thoughtful ways you can give.

Our supporters

Meet some of our amazing supporters who have expressed their commitment to Aruma’s work of helping people with a disability live their best lives.

Ros Hadley

“I feel fortunate that I can give something back to my local community – a community I love. It is a very good feeling indeed to be part of the future of House with No Steps (now known as Aruma).”
Ros Hadley

“I have been supporting House with No Steps (now known as Aruma) for 26 years and recently I decided to nominate Aruma as a beneficiary of my Will. I want the wonderful staff at Aruma to continue their critical work for years to come.

I have seen the great work they do and how the programs help people with disabilities lead meaningful lives. When I was growing up, I felt pride each time I mastered a new task – if I can remember feeling real pride – how much more meaningful it must be for someone with a physical or mental disability to learn new skills? Feeling proud in our achievements and having a sense of dignity surely defines our humanity.

My loved ones are doing very well so I know I can afford to give a gift in my Will to Aruma without disadvantaging them in any way. And I know the government cannot provide all the support that is required.

I feel fortunate that I can give something back to my local community – a community I love. It is a very good feeling indeed to be part of the future of Aruma.”

Eric Thomas Laycock
(1919 – 2018)

“If you want friends you have to be a friend.”
‘Tom’ Laycock

‘Tom’ was born in 1919 in Northern New South Wales, the second son of three boys. Tom had a happy childhood and commenced his working life at 16 years of age delivering milk and bread, then went into the metal manufacturing industry as a draw bench boy. He completed a motor engineering course and worked as a motor mechanic for the remainder of his working life, repairing cars, trucks and mining machinery for various companies.

Tom met the love of his life Noela in 1938 and bought his first car to travel to Hurstville to court her. They married in 1942. When World War II broke out, he was called up for National Service where he served until discharged at the end of the war in 1945. He then took over the workshop in a local garage and worked for himself for a few years.

In 1945 their first child Christopher was born and sustained a brain injury during birth. They were told not to expect their son to live a long life. Tom and Noela were determined to give Chris as good a life as possible while they still had him with them. They devoted a huge part of their life to working for and supporting children with a disability.

Tom bought a caravan and took Noela and Chris on many wonderful holidays travelling around Australia. When Noela became ill, Tom cared for her and Chris at home until it was not feasible for him to do so any longer. Chris moved into an Aruma group home where he lived happily for many years. Noela passed away in 2004 and Tom continued to be involved with Chris until he went into a nursing home and passed away in 2013.

Tom was still driving until his 90th Birthday, he then purchased a motorised scooter to maintain his independence and lived in his home and cared for himself until he was 94. He passed away on the 14 January 2018, three months before his 99th Birthday. He is survived by two daughters, three grandchildren and six great grandchildren, each of whom he loved dearly.

We are here to help

We recognise that this is a very personal matter and it is something that needs to be discussed with your family and a lawyer.

We hope you will consider leaving Aruma a gift in your Will, and have put together a booklet full of useful information to support you to make this important decision..

You can also reach out to the Aruma team on 1800 068 064 or