Fleur’s story

Your gift helps dreams come true for people with a disability like Fleur.

Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

At Fleur’s 21st birthday party, her dreams came true. She stood up and gave a speech.

It might not sound like much, but just two years earlier doctors said she’d spend her remaining days lying in a nursing home bed.

This truly incredible achievement represented years of planning, and the hardest work of Fleur’s life.

It happened when Fleur was 19 – the accident. She was six months away from finishing a beauty course. But in minutes, a car crash changed her whole life.

“The phone rang and it was Fleur’s dad’s partner saying Fleur had been in a car accident,” remembers her mum Jacinta.

“I flew straight home and raced to the hospital to find Fleur was on life-support. We were asked to call our family in and we all said goodbye to her. It was the most dreadful thing that could ever happen.” Fleur survived – with an acquired brain injury.

When she eventually woke from a coma, she could not move, walk, talk, swallow, or chew. Every ability she has gained back has only been through her painstaking efforts – and expert support.

“When the doctors told us the only home she was going to be able to go to after hospital was a nursing home, I told them ‘no way, forget it’,” says Jacinta. Fleur now receives daily assistance from Aruma teams, who support her at her home in six-hour shifts.

“The help we have makes it possible for Fleur to be back at home and working towards her goals,” Jacinta adds.

And Fleur has a lot of dreams. Some, she has already reached. Like being able to give a speech at her 21st … and beginning to walk again. “That is the top of the top,” she says.

Fleur with guests at her 21st birthday party

Fleur’s entire future is resting on what she does today. She is a young woman with big hopes and dreams, like anyone else her age.

Your gift helps Fleur make more of those dreams come true – like returning to her beauty studies. She will need extra support to do that.

But with Aruma and you staying by her side, we can be confident she will make it.

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