Are Aruma’s NDIS homes pet friendly?

The short answer – it’s case by case. Learn more about what to consider and meet some of the furry friends at Aruma.

May 6, 2024

Many people will agree that life is better with a furry friend by your side! Dogs, cats, horses, and many other animals make excellent pets, and science even tells us that for people with a disability, there are proven health benefits to having a four-legged friend.  

They’ve been known to improve mental health and wellbeing, encourage physical activity, boost confidence, promote responsibility, and decrease feelings of depression, isolation and loneliness. 

There is a lot to consider before getting a pet, especially when you’re living with other people. For residents in Aruma accommodation who are considering a pet, staff will get them thinking about the considerations below: 

  • How will I meet the animal’s care, training, financial, and health needs?  
  • Do I understand what is involved in caring for this pet? (Eg. Cleaning the waste, exercising, and having a regular care routine.)  
  • What is the most suitable type and breed of pet for me?  
  • Are there any risks to other residents or staff? (Eg. allergies, fears.)  
  • Will the property require any alterations?  And do I have a plan for the animal when I am away from the house?  
  • Do we have approval from the real estate agent/property owner?  
  • Is a pet license required for this animal? (Eg. reptiles.)  

Residents will also need to work with staff to complete the relevant paperwork and risk assessments.   

For some of our houses, pets were seamlessly introduced to our residents, and they have been a welcome addition to the family.  

When our resident Tracey first moved into the Minto, NSW Supported Independent Living (SIL) home in 2018, she also brought her dog, Sammy. Her housemates loved having a dog so much that a few years later, they got another dog, Evie. Whether they’re keeping the resident’s company or going for a walk around the local area, Sammy and Evie’s tails are always wagging for a good time.

The pets from Minto Sammy and Evvie

However, having a pet while living with others in SIL homes is not always the best option. In that case, staff will always work with the customer on other possible alternative solutions like visiting a neighbour’s/friend’s pet, volunteering at an animal shelter, visiting a petting farm or a zoo (a trip to Summerland Farm sounds fabulous,) arranging animal therapy, or maybe even looking into a  robotic companion animal. 

For Aruma resident Owen, who lives at our Maroochydore SIL in Queensland, his pet dog Max lives with his family. They still spend lots of time together, as Owen loves visiting.  

“Max will run to Owen every time he visits, and they love walking together. Max is six years old, and they’ve made a lot of good memories together and have some regular trails that they frequent,” said Support Worker Wendy Penwarden. 

Owen from Maroochydore SIL with his dog Max.

While getting a pet can be a lot of fun, they are also a lot of work, and the decision should never be made lightly.  

We receive lots of enquiries about pet friendly  vacancies, and the Aruma team is always happy to discuss your individual situation.  

You can contact us onlineor call us on 1300 538 746.