4 Inclusive TV Shows to Stream

Major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney, and Stan are changing the viewing landscape by adding more inclusive programs. Here are four TV Shows we recommend you stream this week!

It is Friday night, and it is time to pop on that new show you’ve been seeing all over social media. You think to yourself, wow I can so relate to this character! For many people with disabilities, they very rarely have this moment of connection, as they are often not represented in TV shows. 

Major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney, and Stan are changing the viewing landscape by adding more inclusive programs. For example, Only Murders in the Building aired in 2022 with a deaf character, Theo. Played by James Caverly, who is also Deaf, Caverly worked closely with the team on ensuring Theo was portrayed in more ways than just ‘inspirational porn’.  

Read on below for our inclusive must-stream picks. 

Sex Education (Netflix)

Sex Education has been one of Netflix’s most successful series, and it is easy to see why. The UK series takes on topics such as sex, anxiety, disability, and sexuality in a way that no other program could. British actor, George Robinson, hails the writers of Sex Education for their work on ensuring disability representation is authentic throughout the show. Robinson plays the character Isaac, a wheelchair user just like himself. You will be laughing, crying, and sometimes fist-pumping throughout the show! But most of all, you will realise that you’re perfect just as you are. 

We honestly can’t wait for season four to arrive in 2023! But until then, there are three seasons to stream or rewatch. 

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Ginny and Georgia (Netflix)

Who remembers Lorelai and Rory? Well, Netflix’s Ginny and Georgia are the new mother-and-daughter duo in town. Not only does Ginny and Georgia tackle important social issues such as race and discrimination, but it also highlights the sign language community, with on-screen couple Ellen and Clint, along with their children, communicating in ASL throughout the program.

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Only Murders in The Building (Disney+)

We know we mentioned it above, but considering it has 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, we need to give it another shoutout. Streaming on Disney+, Only Murders in the Building follows three strangers who share a passion for true crime and podcasts. Like Sex Education, the show’s writers worked collaboratively with James Caverly to ensure Deaf character Theo had an identity of his own, without the usual ‘sympathy’ element. Often people with a disability are encouraged to hide their emotions. Theo shows us everyone has feelings, can express themselves and can love somebody else. Did we mention it also stars Selena Gomez and Steve Martin?  

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Love on the Spectrum (Netflix)

“People on the spectrum want love just like everybody else does,” as said by creator and director, Cian O’Cleary. Love on the Spectrum allows just that and so much more. The dating show gives people with autism a chance at love, but also raises awareness for autism.  


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