Quick overview: Vic transfer

A quick overview of the transfer of Victorian Disability Services operated by the government to Aruma (formerly House with No Steps).

An overview of the transfer of Victorian Disability Services

Around June/July 2019, accommodation and respite services will transfer to Aruma (formerly House with No Steps) in the following areas:

  • North East Melbourne (Hume and Moreland)
  • Loddon and Goulburn (including Shepparton, Euroa and Echuca)
  • Mallee (Swan Hill and Mildura).

More information about the transfer is available on the Victorian Government website including frequently asked questions.

There are also some frequently asked questions on the VALID website.

What will the transfer mean?

We will work closely with the Victorian Government to make sure the transition is smooth for all people with disability, families and staff.

Continuation of the services provided is our top priority. This means, when you transfer to Aruma, the support and services you receive should look and feel the same as they did before.

We understand that staff have built strong connections with the people they support as well as families. We will therefore make sure that these relationships are maintained and nurtured.

Staff members that will transfer to Aruma include House Supervisors, Operations Managers and direct support staff (full-time, part-time and casual).

The Government has made a commitment to retain all House Supervisors at each home recognising the importance of the relationship between house supervisors, people with disability, their families and carers.

Staff will transfer to Aruma based on their current terms of employment and will continue to undertake mandatory training relevant to their role as well as other training linked to the needs of the people thy support.

Why does Aruma want to deliver accommodation and respite services in Victoria?

Aruma is determined to support people with disability in more places and in new and better ways.

We also strongly believe people with disability and their families should have choice. A disability sector where there are a range of quality service providers helps to provide this choice.

We also have experience in the transfer of government disability services. In 2017, Aruma successfully took on 81 group homes and 6 respite services in the NSW transfer of accommodation and respite services. Approximately 600 people with disability and 1000 staff members moved across to Aruma.

We will draw on our experience of successfully transferring these services and give people with disability and their families ownership and confidence in the services they receive. We will work to deliver quality services that meet and exceed standards and expectations.

At Aruma, the NDIS Disability Services Transition in Victoria is referred to as “STAR”, which stands for STRATEGIC, TRANSITION and READINESS. It’s a name that symbolises our commitment to a collaborative and smooth transition.

Strategic – we take a deliberate, planned and informed approach. Our approach is built around the needs of the people we support, so that our work aligns with our greater purpose: helping people with disability to live great lives. Our approach recognises that our workforce is our greatest asset, and integral to achieving our purpose.

Transition – we will partner with Government to achieve our shared goal of a positive, successful transfer that results in a high-quality service that people with disability and families know they can trust, every step of the way


Readiness – we will partner with Government, engage with employees and representatives, and support people with disability and families to have input, ownership and confidence in our ability to take on services. We will help people with disability and families to get ready for change.