Dancing the night away at WinterBall

Aruma's Armidale hub was transformed into a Winter Wonderland for a night to remember.

October 6, 2023

Sparkling ball gowns twirl, balloons float through the air and the sound of music and laughter is all around. It’s WinterBall at Armidale Hub, and our customers couldn’t be happier.

“Everyone had an amazing night. All the customers loved it, and it was a massive group effort from the staff to pull it altogether,” said Service Lead Community, Emma Robb.

When the customers arrived, they were greeted with an entrée table bursting with delicious snacks. It was an excellent opportunity to catch up before hitting the dancefloor.

“Word got around about the ball, and we even had an old customer come in just for the event. It was a great atmosphere, and I’d like to thank everyone involved,” continued Emma.

All the classics played, including the crowd favourite, the Nutbush. Then it was time to enjoy the Winter banquet and dine like kings and queens. On the menu were some tasty slow cooker recipes prepared by staff and of course, desserts.

“The event was a couple of months in the making, and the customers enjoyed helping with the preparations too. Many of the ladies went op-shopping for their ball gowns in the lead-up to the day. They then got together during the Friday ladies’ group to make alterations and customisations,” said Emma.

The Hub looks forward to hosting its next event, which will transform the site into everyone’s favourite school of Wizardry and Witchcraft – Hogwarts; sorry, Hub-Warts!

We look forward to seeing everyone representing their house colours!

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