Are you Dale’s new housemate?

There is a vacancy at Aruma's Warragul Supported Independent Living (SIL) home in Victoria.

September 26, 2023

Watching the sunset from your patio, cooking a meal with friends in your kitchen, or settling in to watch a footy game on the couch… there are lots of memories just waiting to be made at our Warragul Supported Independent Living (SIL) home in Victoria.

For the last few months, Aruma customer Dale has been the sole occupant of this spacious, fully accessible, open-plan home, but now he’s looking for two new co-tenants.

“I’m looking for housemates who have similar interests to me and are friendly,” said Dale.

He continued, “I like tools and electronics. At the moment, I am saving up to buy some new tools. I also enjoy musicals. My favourite is Phantom of the Opera. I can also play some of the songs on my keyboard,” said Dale.

While his perfect evening would include relaxing in a calm and quiet environment, Dale enjoys watching an occasional Disney movie or AFL game if his favourite team, Collingwood, plays.

Dale is a busy guy and attends a day program five days a week, but he looks forward to taking some time off to celebrate his birthday.

“My birthday is coming up. I will be 45 in October. I want to celebrate with a trip to Queensland. It has lots of nice weather at the moment. My last holiday was in Queensland a few years ago. I like going on the aeroplane and seeing the theme parks,” said Dale.

Dale’s favourite part of the home is the kitchen, but you can check out all of the excellent features here.

Manager of Shared Living, Greg White said, “It’s a beautiful, refurbished home that is fully accessible. It’s got a great backyard which we’re hoping to do some gardening with. Dale is pretty excited about that too.”

If this sounds like a SIL home that you or your loved one would like to be a part of, call us on 1300 538 746 or contact us via the website.


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