The Tomasiello’s have a heart of a gold

Meet two of the volunteers that have been helping our community for over 20 years.

February 2, 2024

Jean Lou and Ben Tomasiello are long term members of Aruma’s Host Volunteer Program and have been constant in Aruma participant Kale’s life for the last 20 years.

The trio recently celebrated this amazing milestone by putting together a memory book of all their favourite special memories.

“You could call it a time capsule of all the special occasions we have celebrated. It is a magnificent recollection on enjoyable times and travels that we have undertaken with Kale. This book is a picture history that will forever be treasured,” said Jean Lou and Ben.

After meeting at an Interchange Network Christmas in July party in 2002, Kale’s parents Mark and Tanya, cannot speak highly enough of the impact the Tomasiello’s have had on Kale’s life.

“The commitment and love that Jean Lou and Ben have shown to Kale along the way has been priceless. They have given him so many invaluable life lessons,” shared Mark and Tanya.

Kale still spends some weekends with The Tomasiello’s and after two decades, he has gained an entire broader family on both Ben and Jean Lou’s side. He also sees their son, like his own brother.

Both families have been through the good and bad times together. They have supported each other on birthdays, weddings, christenings and even funerals. The one thing that always shines through is love and support.

We shared this story with the Northern Star Weekly – Check it out.

Aruma’s Volunteer Program helps to address some of challenges people with disability face in society. Our volunteers play a critical role in supporting vulnerable communities and providing participants with companionship. We currently have Mentor, Host and Recreation volunteer positions available. You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities on our website.

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