All abilities shine at Surrey Hills Music Festival

Aruma Residents, Janette and Rachel, share their gifts with the community through the With One Voice choir.

March 5, 2024

Lights, camera, action! Our customers Janette and Rachel have been enjoying time in the spotlight, with the duo recently performing at a music festival AND being interviewed by Channel 9. 

The pair are members of With One Voice Ashburton, a community-run choir bringing people of all abilities and from all walks of life together, through a shared love of music. 

Recently, the choir delivered a standout performance at the Surrey Hills Music Festival in Vicotria, a free community event showcasing local talents

“Our choir has grown and improved so much. Each time we perform there are more people coming to see us. It felt great!” says Janette, who has been supported by Aruma for almost 30 years. 

“I hope John Farnham might see me perform one day. He is my idol.” 

Janette and Rachel live in Aruma Supported Independent Living (SIL) homes. Across the organisation, we support over 5,000 adults and children with a disability and the team are always proud to see participant’s shine.   

The pair’s Support Worker, Anna, supports them at their rehearsals and performances and is one of their biggest fans! 

“It’s amazing to see the ladies perform. I get so excited for them! They give it their all each week at rehearsals too. Performing comes naturally to them, but being in the choir with such a positive and supportive environment has also really built up their confidence.” 

Janette has been attending the choir since 2012 and Rachel has been by her side for a year. Rachel’s mum is also in the choir, and since signing up their relationship has grown. 

“They do so much together now, it’s great! But the choir will always be very special to them. They love to dress up, sing their favourite songs and get on stage. You can’t help but smile when watching them perform,” said Anna. 

When Channel 9 wanted to interview Janette and Rachel for a news story about the choir, the duo hit all the right notes. 

“I liked how I looked on TV. It was so cool to see myself on TV!” says Janette. 

You can check out the news story here.

We’re excited to see what the Janette and Rachel get up to next!