David’s staycation at Alstonville

Our Alstonville Short Term Accommodation has become a home away from home for David.

May 17, 2023

Our customer David recently stayed at Alstonville Short Term Accommodation (STA), and it has truly begun to feel like his home away from home.

After being introduced to STA during last year’s floods, David has since booked himself in for some much-needed rest and relaxation at the house.

“David first came to stay with us as an emergency evacuation from the floods. It was quite stressful, but David made the most of it. He had such a good stay that he has booked to come back again and again,” said Allira Halloran, Manager Community.

With STA, you can have a short stay away from home. This could be overnight, for a weekend, or a holiday and it will allow you to try new things, make friends and learn new skills. Staying with us also gives your family or carers a short break from their caring role.

The Alstonville house is on the Summerland Farm property. The beautiful greenery, approachable furry friends, and the fantastic café make it a great place to unwind and appreciate the simple things in life.

For David’s it’s a great chance to get out of the city and away from the hustle and bustle.

He said, “it takes the ideas out of my head, and I am relaxed at the farm.”

During his last stay, David also checked out the local outdoor cinema. What a fantastic way to enjoy a warm summer night and spend time under the stars.

“David’s favourite part about staying at Alstonville is just having a bit of a break from his normal routine. It’s in such a great location, so you can spend your days relaxing, or if you venture out into the community, there are lots of activities to do. We have beaches, shops, parks, and some great bush walks,” continued Allira.

The house is also equipped with a music and sensory room for those who like to stay in.

Across New South Wales, Victoria, and the ACT, we have ten STA homes for children and adults. View the homes here, and we hope to meet you at one soon!

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