My NDIS story: Nick

Nick has recently been through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) planning process and chose us as his service provider. This is his NDIS story.

December 23, 2015
Video content description: YouTube video of Nick and his family, sharing their story about their experiences with services at Aruma.
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Nick is a fun-loving 18-year-old man from Canberra who has a great sense of humour, loves rugby, and is a huge Brumbies supporter.

“Nick’s a good-natured, caring young man, and he just happens to have a disability,” says Tanya, Nick’s mum.

Nick started his preplanning with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in November 2014. He chose us to be his disability service provider and hasn’t looked back since.

“The service House with No Steps (now Aruma) has provided has just been wonderful. Nick’s days are completely filled with fun-loving things, he goes to work, and he’s having a great time enjoying life,” says Tanya.

As part of Nick’s NDIS plan he spends three days a week enjoying a range of different activities and working on his life skills.

“We do a self defence class, we go down to the oval, and kick the footy around. Working with Nick is a pleasure,” says Phil, Nick’s support worker.

“Nick loves his self defence class, he’s joining in, improving his gross motor skills and socialising,” says Tanya.

Through his NDIS plan, Nick has also gained work experience at a local primary school assisting in the school library, and at a local college where he works as part of the maintenance team.

Tanya says, “our hopes are that Nick will continue to be happy, will gain confidence, and enjoy life just like anyone else”.