My NDIS story: Nick transcript

Nick has recently been through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) planning process and chose us as his service provider. This is his NDIS story.

Video transcript

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Speaker 1: Nick’s a fun loving, good natured, caring young man and he just happens to have a disability.

Nick, in a few words: happy, energetic and caring. He really can empathise with others and emotionally, he’s very in tune with everyone.

Speaker 2: I work with Nick two days a week – Monday and Wednesday. We get out and about and do various amounts of things; working together on the grounds of Marist College, we do self defense classes together. When we get spare time, we go down to the oval and kick the footy around. Working with Nick is a pleasure.

The NDIS is fantastic because it helps the family incredibly. Getting basically full time support throughout the week, Monday to Friday.

Speaker 1: Nicholas has been with House with No Steps since February and the service they’ve provided has just been wonderful.

We’ve never had a day where we didn’t have the carers turn up. I’ve always been able to go to work and not worry ‘Oh, will they be here or won’t they?’. The carers arrive and I’m able to continue with my work, and Nick’s days are completely filled with fun loving things.

He goes to work and he’s having a great time, enjoying life, and all’s good.

Nick has always had an affiliation with Marist since Joshua, his older brother, attended school there.

Speaker 3: Ready for work?

Nick: Yep.

Speaker 3: Alright, shall we go?

Nick: Yep.

Speaker 3: Alright, let’s go!

Speaker 1: We were fortunate enough that now through the NDIS, he has gained employment there. So his dream has been fulfilled by working there now.

Speaker 2: We do things from delivering parcels to teachers, picking up rubbish on the ovals, cleaning the corridors, emptying the bins into hoppers, as well as general socialising with the staff and the students.

Speaker 1: Nick loves his self defense class – he’s mixing with the others and joining in. He’s improving his gross motor skills and his socialising. So far, it’s worked out really well for him.

Speaker 4: three, nice one, four, five, six, seven, eight, another one, yes. Good on you, mate.

Speaker 2: I try to be as professional as possible, but also definitely just want to be his big brother.

It’s all he needs at the moment, as an eighteen year old.

Speaker 1: Our hopes are that Nick will continue to be this happy boy, where he will gain confidence, and enjoy life. And I’d hope that Nick will be integrated into the community just like anyone else.

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End of transcript.