Levi’s art recognised with a Nanga Mai Award

Levi is a young Aruma customer who was recently recognised in the NSW Education’s Nanga Mai Awards.

January 10, 2023

Whether you like to draw your emotions onto the page or find a calmness in creating something with your hands, art is a fantastic way to connect with ourselves and others.  

For our customer Levi, art has always been an outlet for him and has helped him engage with the world around him. 

“Once you get Levi talking about his art, the shy boy melts away. Art is his passion and to see him recognised for that is amazing,” said Support Coordinator, Teresa Marriott.  

Levi’s school nominated him for the NSW Department of Education’s prestigious Nanga Mai Award. The award “celebrates the achievements of Aboriginal Students, who have demonstrated excellence across a diversity of areas.”  

Fact: Nanga Mai is an Eora (Sydney) word that means ‘to dream.’  

“Levi is quite amazing. He is a kid who due to his fine motor skills struggles to do up a button, but he is amazing with a pencil in his hands. He loves his art, and it shows,” continued Teresa. 

Levi has recently turned 12 and celebrated his birthday just a few days before the awards ceremony. Aruma sourced grant funding to fly Levi and his family out from Ballina for the weekend ceremony held at Sydney Opera House.  

“Janina didn’t know what to say or do once we sorted out the funding. She was so thankful and shocked that we were able to organise this for her,” said Teresa.  

Teresa has been working with Levi since April and is so proud of his achievements.  

Congratulations again, Levi, and we look forward to seeing what 2023 holds for you.