Meet Kieran, our first resident at the new build in Ballarat

Resident Kieran moves into Aruma's brand new Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) home in Ballarat.

November 10, 2023

​There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a house and feeling like you are home. Our resident Kieran recently got to experience this when he moved into our newly built home in Ballarat, Victoria.

“Kieran is really excited to have more freedom in his new home and make new memories. He is looking forward to installing some garden beds and picking out new plants and flowers. He’d also love to have a dog again,” said his Support Worker of nine years, Travis Brown.

As one of the first residents of Aruma’s home in Sebastopol (a southern suburb on the rural-urban fringe of Ballarat, Victoria) Kieran had lived in the same house for over 20 years. He looks back fondly at photos of when the house was first built but feels he has now outgrown the space.

“Kieran is the only male in this house, with three female housemates. While he loves and respects them all, he is looking forward to a change of pace,” explained Travis.

One of Kieran’s housemates, Jordie, has also moved into the new home, and the property is next door to another Aruma home. The houses have a shared outdoor space and barbecue area, which is the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon.

Finding a suitable home for Kieran has taken close to two years, but this one fits the bill perfectly. The two-bedroom Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) house has moveable benchtops, pull out pantries, an accessible bathroom and many more features that support people with high needs.

It also has a great open plan living space that will be perfect for watching his favourite football team, Richmond, play.

“At the old house, Kieran had a large strawberry bed in the backyard, so we might recreate that here. He also enjoys getting out in the community, so once he’s settled in, I’m sure he’d like to return to bowling, shopping, and heading to the pub for a meal. He also recently started swimming, which will be great for cooling off during summer,” said Travis.

We’re so happy that Kieran has found a new place to call home!

Aruma’s Communication team invited media to come down and check out the new house! You can see the media coverage below: