Introducing ‘Power to You’ 

Aruma is proud to be delivering Power to You, an e-learning program designed for people with disability, their families, and carers. 

February 27, 2024

At Aruma, we are a human rights organisation that believes in empowering people of all abilities to live a great life, the life they choose.

We are proud to be delivering the FREE Power to You program, which is co-designed and co-facilitated by people with a disability. The program is designed to help Australians with disability understand their rights, advocate for themselves and develop life skills around self-determination. 

“We often hear from people with disability that there is a substantial gap in educating people with disability about their rights, and how to report if their rights have been violated. The Power to You program is one step towards changing that,” said Aruma Chief Executive Officer, Martin Laverty. 

The program is delivered in nine self-paced modules that use videos and animations to explore topics like human rights, legal rights, discrimination, and decision-making. We also encourage families, support workers and carers to watch alongside participants to deepen their understanding as well.

We’ve had great feedback from parents’ telling us this program starts conversations about preparing family members for adulthood or assisting older adults to develop more independence – like moving out of the family home. It has also been a great opportunity for our young people with disability who are the project co-designers and co-facilitators. They’ve loved sharing their stories seeing the positive impact it is having on others,” said Project Lead, Tracie-Lee Little.  

In addition to the Power to You program, there are also online and in-person workshops that provide further information and give people with a disability the tools to be self-determining. They are run by our practice leaders who are experts in their fields, and our program co-designers who are people with lived experience of disability. 

The workshops include: 

Introduction to Supported Decision Making (SDM) – this single session workshop covers the basics including what SDM is all about, giving people with disability practical assistance with decision making so they can stay in control of their lives. This session is run by Dr Michelle Browning, a SDM practice leader, and Olivia, one of our co-designers who has experienced both people making decisions for her and supported decision making. 

You can register for one of the upcoming sessions on our Humanitix Event Page. Please choose the date that is most convenient for you:  

  • 29th February – Online 
  • 12th March – Online
  • 21st March – Online 
  • 9th April – Online
  • 30th May – Online 

Another online workshop is Circles of Support which introduces the idea of a circle of support (a group of people who regularly meet to assist a person with disability with their personal goals) and provides tips on how to get started. Jasmin, a co-designer for the ‘Power to You’ project, and her parents, will share their valuable lived experience of having a circle of support. 

You can register for one of the upcoming sessions on our Humanitix Event Page. Please choose the date that is most convenient for you:  

  • 8th March – Online
  • 25th March – Online
  • 28th May – Online

To get in contact with someone from the team reach out on the Power to You website. 

Power to you is funded by an Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Grant from the Australian Government, Department of Social Services and was initially delivered by NDIS disability support provider, Mamre, who closed their doors on November 17, 2023. Aruma is proud to continue delivering the service and supporting participants.