A dapper Disney day

Aruma resident Jeaneen, experiences the magic of Disney on Ice for her birthday.

November 17, 2023

There’s a chill in the air, the ice rink looks crisp and there is an excited murmuring in the crowd. The next thing you know, there’s a blast of music, and Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck skate onto the giant ice rink…

It’s Disney on Ice and our resident Jeaneen from Aruma’s home in Goulburn, has been looking forward to this day for weeks.

“Jeaneen is a HUGE Disney fan, and she wanted to go to Disney on Ice for her birthday. Of course, the team knew we had to make this happen, so we all got to work straight away,” said Home and Living Manager, Michael Snare.

Disney on Ice is a magical experience that combines ice skating, gymnastics, and special effects with the stories and music from everyone’s favourite Disney movies.

As a big Frozen and Moana fan, Jeaneen was lucky enough to see both stories brought to life on the ice.

“It’s safe to say Jeaneen’s birthday present was a success. When asked if she enjoyed the day, she said, ‘I just loved it, I did’. We all love working with Jeaneen, and seeing her happy makes us happy,” said Michael.

Jeaneen’s housemates Samantha and Cody and their friend Corinne from a nearby Aruma home also came along for the ride. It was a memorable day for all, and they’re still raving about it.

He continued, “All of the customers were involved in every stage, from ticket purchase to planning where we’d park and the itinerary for the day. A lot of planning was involved to make the trip from Goulburn to the Qudos Bank arena in Sydney go smoothly.”

This is the second year that Jeaneen has incorporated her love of Disney into her birthday celebrations. Last year for her 60th birthday, she had a dress-up Disney party. Of course, Jeaneen went as Elsa from Frozen, and it was great to see so many of the staff and customers also dress up.

“Jeaneen’s passion for Disney is infectious, and the effort everyone went to was just out of this world. All staff attended, and most weren’t rostered to work. They just wanted to show their support for Jeaneen,” said Michael.

Jeaneen hasn’t chosen her next Disney adventure yet, but she is keen to continue expanding her Disney doll collection and catching the latest movie releases on Disney+.


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