We love hearing from our customers and families

The results of our latest survey are in, and their guidance will help us continue to improve our services.

November 3, 2023

In August, we launched the second round of our twice-yearly survey with our customers and families who use the Home & Living and Community Services. 

We’re happy to report that we received even more feedback than the last survey, with a total of 585 responses.  

Out of the 585 people who took part in the survey, 363 were customers and 222 were family members. 

We’re sure that this jump in responses is thanks to the introduction of an Easy Read version of the survey and our Support Workers being on board to help customers.  

Aruma’s General Manager Customer Experience, Beata Brodowska said it’s important to gain feedback so we can keep improving our services.  

“At Aruma we are dedicated to our ‘You. First’ promise and upholding the human rights of all people with a disability. Checking in with our participants, residents and families directly is one of the best ways we can achieve this.” 

We’re so pleased to have received such brilliant insight from our customers and families because that information will ensure we make meaningful changes and celebrate what we do well. 

What are we doing well?
Our customers and families told us our strengths are:

  • 40% of those who promote us, say we provide excellent support, care, and great staff. 
  • 90% of participants say they are treated with dignity & respect and feel safe and supported. 
  • Overall increase in satisfaction with support workers.  

What are some areas of improvement?
The main areas we need to improve relate to: 

  • Key drivers of dissatisfaction are inconsistent service delivery (23%) and staffing issues (15%), followed by lack of communication (11%).  
  • Top improvement suggestions were better communication (26%, up from 18%), staff consistency, recruitment, and better service delivery. 

What are we doing to improve?
Aruma is making a range of improvements so we can best serve our customers now and into the future. Some initiatives include: 

  • Continue to provide consistent quality and availability of Person-Centred Active Support (PCAS) and communication with family members.  
  • Reinforce clear and actionable customer commitments. These will ensure everyone understands PCAS.  
  • Continue our focus on staff recruitment and retention to provide stable/consistent supports. 
  • We have improved our communications to families, but this can always be better. Particularly regarding updates, changes to services/ staff and responding to issues/complaints, in Victoria.  

We want to hear from you, and we invite feedback at any time of the year by: 

  • Speaking to a staff member or manager 
  • Calling us on 1300 725 748
  • Emailing us at feedback@aruma.com.au. 

We’re also looking to hear more from our Queensland participants and family members, so we know what to keep doing well and where to improve. We encourage you to have your say when the survey is released again!