The Ultimate Sensory and Inclusive Gift Guide for Children

From sensory toys to books and toys that represent diversity and inclusion, we’ve got you covered! 

From sensory toys to books and toys that represent diversity and inclusion, this gift guide has something for all. Whether you’re shopping for your child or needing a gift to take to a party, we’ve got you covered!

Sensory toys 

There are many benefits of sensory toys such as reducing anxiety, increasing concentration, and encouraging language and motor skills. When it comes to sensory toys, they are often recommended for Autistic children as they allow quiet play and have little to no noise, being a great option for children with sensory hypersensitivity.Kmarthave excellent budget-friendly sensory toys, with new toys arriving every month. Kidstuff and individual Etsystores are also great for sensory gifts. 

  1. Fat Brain Dimpl 
  2. Fat Brain Dimpl Digits 
  3. Play-Doh 
  4. Sensory Play Tile 
  5. Sensory Bin Dinosaur Discovery Kit for the Dinosaur Lover! 
  6. Sensory Bin Mermaid Discovery Set 
  7. Squishy Lovers Fidget Pack

Toys to encourage diversity and inclusion

Children’s faces light up when they see themselves and those they know represented in toys. Gifting a toy that encourages diversity and inclusion is a great way to help children feel seen, as well as to teach them about what is outside their door.

Well-known toy maker Mattel are leading the way, with creating the first-ever doll with scoliosis, known as the Chelsie Barbie.

  1. Barbie Wheelchair Doll
  2. Charlie with Down Syndrome Doll
  3. Happy Folk Hotel
  4. Freckled Frog People Around the World
  5. Lego City

Books that encourage diversity and inclusion

Story time is a great time to introduce and chat about diversity and inclusion. Why not add one of these books to your little ones bookshelf?

  1. I Can Play with Anything – Hoffmann BB
  2. All Bodies are Good Bodies – Charlotte Barkla
  3. Somebody’s Land – Adam Goodes
  4. The Boy with Big, Big Feelings – Britney Winn
  5. Some Brains – Nelly Thomas