“Getting the job took a heap off my shoulders”

Sam came to us with the goal of finding a job. And we helped make it happen!

When Kingston Building Australia approached us with a terrific opportunity for one of our customers – full time employment at Kingston with on-the-job training – we knew just who’d be the perfect fit.

Enter Sam

We first met Sam back in 2016, when he signed up to our School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) service in Charlestown, NSW. SLES is an NDIS support for young people with a disability that helps them build their skills and become ‘job ready’.

After finishing high school, Sam was unsure which job was right for him, so his family pointed him towards Aruma’s SLES program in Maitland. “The SLES program really catered to what Sam was after – learning new skills, making friends and just hanging out with people,” says Bobby from our Customer Engagement Team. And in true Sam style, he jumped straight in and gave it his all.

Not even a long commute – an hour and a half journey each way on public transport – could keep Sam away! He finished SLES in 2018 with a certificate in Workplace Skills, a goal of finding employment, and a tight-knit group of friends. “In SLES you create that bond with people,” says Sam. “You’re friends and then you become best friends.”

And that’s where Kingston comes in…

In early 2021, Aruma and Kingston Building teamed up to build some housing projects in the Central Coast and Mid North Coast of NSW. Kingston asked us if we knew of any motivated and driven Aruma customers who were looking for work. We sure did!

After finishing SLES, Sam had explored some work experience and worked for a short time at a Holden dealership. But none of these turned into permanent gigs, so the timing was perfect.

Sam remained an Aruma customer, attending a weekly Men’s social group and putting his hand up to volunteer at every chance he could (he’s a real champ on the Bunnings barbecue!). And it was just this “give-everything-a-go” spirit that made Sam stick in our minds.

When we first told Sam about the Kingston opportunity, he was a little nervous, and told us it wasn’t for him. But Bobby knew Sam needed some extra encouragement. He explains, “Sam just needed a reminder how capable he is, how motivated he is, and how willing he is.”

With Bobby’s support, Sam shook his nerves and agreed to give it a shot. “I just really didn’t think I would get it!” Sam says.

Hello to a new job

During Sam’s interview with Kingston, he proved that he had passion and motivation in spades!

When asked how he would get to the worksite for a 6am start, he’d already thought out several scenarios for the journey, which involved a bus, a train, and his trusty push bike! His dedication and enthusiasm knocked Kingston’s socks off, and they offered Sam the job.

Sam says hearing the news “took a heap off my shoulders. I’ve got the job, and I’m earning an income. It’s the best thing!”

Sam’s now part of Kingston’s Reactive Maintenance team and will have the chance to learn loads of new skills; from fixing a leak in a roof, to repairing tiles or even replacing mailboxes. “I love getting in and helping out to get the job done”, says Sam. “And I’m learning new skills, which is building my confidence.”

We can’t wait to hear all about Sam’s progress, and we’ll still be there for him every step of the way.

Best of luck Sam!