Formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation

Our approach to transferring services

Our aim is to make the transfer process as smooth as possible for all people with disability.

Our approach to delivering services

Continuity of service is our top priority. At Aruma (formerly House with No Steps) our aim is to make the transfer process as smooth as possible for all with minimal disruption.

We understand that staff have built strong connections with the people they support as well as families. We will make sure that these relationships are maintained and nurtured.

In particular, we will be working to support House Supervisors. This is so they can support frontline staff, people with disability and families through the transfer.

Regular communication is important to make sure everyone is ready for the transfer. We also believe that connecting with you early and often will help you to understand the process and trust in our ability to deliver services.

We will work in partnership with the government to make sure we meet the highest levels of service quality, human rights and safety standards. We have policies and protocols that guide all areas of our work.

Getting to know the people we support

Everyone is different – everyone has unique needs and wants.

We work with people with disability and families to get a good understanding of each person. We then tailor our service to each individual.

When we are working with someone, we make sure we keep their strengths and interests, their communication preference, and people they would like to involve, top of mind.

A person centred approach

Aruma takes a person-centred approach to support people with disability. This means a person chooses when and how they receive support, and by whom it’s provided.

A person-centred approach involves listening, thinking together, coaching, sharing ideas, and seeking feedback. The process is also ongoing to make sure each person is supported towards their personal goals, even as they evolve and change.

The ultimate aim is to understand what each individual person wants and needs to live their own, personally defined, good life.

It is most successful when friends and family can support the process and help identify and develop the person’s strengths.

About me planning tool

Our ‘About Me’ Pre-Planning booklet was created to make sure we have an in depth conversation with people we support and families about goals and outcomes, what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s important to them for the future.