Home and Living explainer – transcript

The transcript of our Home and Living explainer video.


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Welcome to Aruma’s Home and Living supports.

Our range of options that let you live your best life.

Supported Independent Living helps you find your new home sweet home.

Live on your own or we can help you choose some great housemates.

We’ll give you a hand with day-to-day tasks like cleaning, cooking, personal care, going to appointments, taking medication, learning a new hobby and catching public transport.

Specialist Disability Accommodation is where we can help you find a home designed with the accessible features you need to live more independently.

Individualised Living Options allows you to live in the home of your choice so you can live wherever, or with whoever you want while getting the support you need.

Assistance with Daily Life is where we can give you a helping hand with everyday things in your home like learning how to cook, cleaning, shopping, and going places.

Short-Term Accommodation offers you a change of scenery, a break, and a chance to meet new people and try new things. It could be overnight, a weekend, or a holiday.

Medium-Term accommodation is for when your long-term housing isn’t quite ready we’ll put a roof over your head while things get sorted.

With Aruma’s Home and Living supports, we’ve got you covered.

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