Occupational Therapy for adults

Occupational Therapy can help build your confidence and independence.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists work with people with a disability to increase their independence and confidence with everyday tasks.

This may involve helping them learn new ways to do things, getting out and about, or prescribing specialised equipment like wheelchairs or home modifications to ensure safety in their home and workplace.

Occupational Therapy at Aruma

At Aruma (formerly House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation), our Occupational Therapists (or OTs) can make a big difference to how you live.

They’ll work out your strengths and challenges and come up with solutions so you can do more things. As well as make everyday tasks easier. Winning!

How can Occupational Therapy help me?

Everyday tasks can be challenging, and if you have a disability, it can be even trickier!

Occupational Therapy can help with a whole range of things such as:

  • Dressing
  • Going shopping
  • Looking after yourself
  • Walking
  • Managing your emotions with sensory experiences
  • Mobility aids like wheelchairs
  • Helpful equipment and technology
  • Plus more!

With the new skills you’ll learn and the tools you’ll have, it will be easier to do the things you want to do.

What strategies and equipment can my Occupational Therapist recommend?

Everyone is different, which means the support you receive will be as individual as you!

Our Occupational Therapists will work with you to understand what you want and need, and where you could use a bit of a helping hand.

This could include:

  • Exercises to improve your motor skills – so you are more in control of how your body moves
  • Everyday equipment – like grip supports to help you write, brush your teeth, get dressed, or eat
  • Ways to improve hand-eye coordination – so your eyes and hands work better together when doing certain things like sport
  • Specialised equipment – like wheelchairs, dressing aids, and supports for driving.

And these are just some of the ways – there so much more!

Can an Occupational Therapist help make changes to my home?

Yes! If you need, our Occupational Therapists can work out what changes to your home (or environment) might make life a bit easier.

This could include changes to:

  • Bathroom and kitchen layouts
  • Flooring such as non-slip options
  • Widening doorways
  • Installing ramps, stair lifts, rails and hoists
  • Changes to heating, cooling and lighting.

Where does Aruma provide Occupational Therapy?

Services for older children and adults

For children aged 7+ and adults, we offer Occupational Therapy in:

  • Melbourne, Vic
  • Tweed Heads, NSW
  • Gold Coast, Beenleigh, Qld

Services for younger children

For kids aged under 7, Children’s Occupational Therapy (as part of Early Childhood Intervention) runs in:

  • Northern NSW: (Ballina, Lismore, Alstonville, and surrounds)
  • New England: (Armidale, Tamworth, Glen Innes, and surrounds)
  • Western NSW: (Forbes, Parkes and surrounds)

But, we’re growing our Occupational Therapy services across a range of locations in NSW, Qld, and Vic. Watch this space! We also offer other disability services across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and the ACT.

Contact our team today on 1300 538 746 or enquiries@aruma.com.au, to see how we can help!


NDIS Participants

The NDIS provides funding for Therapy and Clinical Supports.

The most common NDIS categories of support include Improved Daily Living, Improved Relationships, and Support Coordination.

Please note: We bill in line with the NDIS Price Guide, which generally increases annually.