This is THE famous Stanley

He's ready for his close-up! Move over Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift, meet THE famous Stanley.

Video transcription

Music: You should be famous, what you mean to me, my celebrity. You should be famous. It was at this moment that he knew.

Stanley: Hi, my name is Stanley. I am your famous guy.

Stan: He’s an entertainer, he’s a born entertainer.

Stanley: I dance and sing, entertainment, perform. It’s just, it’s part of my life.

Stan: and I don’t know where he gets it.

Stanley: Taylor Swift, this is me. Superstar for dancing. And for you Justin Bieber, I like you bro.

Alyson: He definitely is driven and ambitious in his quest to be famous. He’s got a YouTube channel.

Stan: Where’s Stanley’s quest for fame came from was from a street market we attended. I bought him a little piano organ thing and I continued walking around the markets, Stanley sat down on a bench. When I came back, he had his hat upside down on the bench there, full of money and somebody had bought him a hotdog as well. And that’s where it all started.

Stanley: I do busking, I love to entertain people, it makes me really really happy.

Alyson: He edits and directs his own green screen, so yeah, he does really like to be the star of the show and I think we have supported him and it’s really lovely to see that dream is coming to life.

Stanley: You can’t do a step further, of me. I’m really famous now. People who are not really famous are called unfamous. If you would like more of my YouTube, click ‘like’ or ‘dislike’. I’m just waiting for ten thousand (10,000) subscribers and I get a plaque, a little trophy, for YouTube.

Stan: I didn’t want a wallflower of a son, I wanted somebody who was outgoing, forthright and part of the world.

Stanley: Where my long time goals for this year and for next year as well, to be more famous!

End of transcription