Research at Aruma

Aruma partners with research organisations to support activities that can improve the way services are provided to people with a disability.

Aruma is committed to improving the way services are provided to people with a disability.

One of the ways we do this is by partnering with research organisations and supporting them with research activities. Sometimes we provide funding support or assist with research processes, but mostly, we connect researchers to our staff and customers so they can participate in research studies.

Aruma will only support research projects that uphold the rights and safety of everyone concerned. They must also align with our organisational strategy and fit in with other competing priorities. Requirements are outlined in Aruma’s Research Practice and Governance Framework. We also strongly advocate for research co-design, which is when people with disability are engaged at all stages of the research project, from initial idea formation, through to design, implementation, and evaluation. We can help with this, too.

All research proposals must be submitted on an Aruma Research Proposal Form and be considered by Aruma’s Research Governance Committee (RGC). If a research project is approved, our committee plays an important role in monitoring its progress and making sure any emerging risks are properly managed.

If you have a question regarding the application or assessment process, or any other query about conducting research with Aruma, please email