We’re partnering with IPsoft to launch artificial intelligence pilot

In a global first, we've joined forces with IPsoft to explore how technology can enhance our support services.

October 9, 2019

In a global first, we’ve joined forces with IPsoft, a world leader in enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) to explore how technology can enhance our support services.

We’re piloting IPsoft’s cognitive digital colleague, Amelia, to support our staff and customers in one of our accommodation services in Ballina, New South Wales.

Amelia is currently performing voice-to-text functions, and has access to reporting and scheduling.

Staff will be able to use their mobile to say, ‘Amelia, Joe’s had a seizure,’ or ‘Jane had a great day today, this, and this happened.’ That information is then captured automatically. Amelia will free support workers from manual note taking and data entry, and will allow them to focus on what matters most – supporting people with a disability.

“Aruma takes a learning approach to innovation. We’re exploring how technology can enhance our services. Part of our approach is identifying and working with like-minded people and companies who want to learn with us. That’s why we’re thrilled to work with IPsoft to bring Amelia into the disability services sector in Australia,” said Mark Doro, Chief Transformation Officer, Aruma.

“With IPsoft as a partner, we can explore how we can empower our staff by using technology to be more sustainable and impactful, which is what we are really working towards at Aruma.”

Since IPsoft launched Amelia 2014, she has gained hundreds of skills across multiple industries. She’s modelled on human intelligence, understanding and empathy.

“For IPsoft, the opportunity to work with a fellow pioneer like Aruma to deploy Amelia in a manner that improves the lives of the people with a disability is humbling, as we are constantly seeking new ways to extend the value of Amelia across different sectors,” said Andrew Winlaw, Managing Director, IPsoft Australia.

“With AI and digital labor transforming industries, we believe that Amelia offers a multitude of ways to help solve the unique challenges that the disability services face,” said Chetan Dube, CEO and Founder, IPsoft.

“We’re grateful to work with a partner like Aruma to leverage Amelia to improve staff and customer support and enable better services for those that need it.”