Vivienne’s dream comes true

Vivienne had worked at Summerland House Farm as an employee with a disability for 26 years. She has now successfully became a support worker for our disability services.

October 14, 2013

Vivienne McDermott has worked at our Summerland House Farm in Alstonville as a supported employee for 26 years.

Vivienne has an intellectual disability and has worked in many different areas of Summerland House Farm, with her most recent role being in the canteen.

She recently made the transition from supported employment to open or mainstream employment and is now following her dream of working as a support worker for our Community Services.

Vivienne is easy going and a very hard worker who has always been prepared to give anything a go. While Vivienne loved her job on the farm she has always dreamed of being a support worker and assisting other people with disabilities.

Vivienne was absolutely thrilled when she heard just a few weeks ago that she was successful in applying for her dream job as a support worker. Since the 26th August she has been working in her new role and absolutely loves it.

Vivienne just loves giving back to others.

“It’s been my lifelong dream to work in open employment where I can assist others and make a difference in other peoples lives and where I have a more independent working role”, said Vivienne.

To achieve this goal Vivienne has been volunteering regularly with the Community Services team for the past 12 months.

“We are so excited to have Vivienne join our team, Open employment can be the ultimate goal for someone working in supported employment and provides a new work environment that can further develop skills and identify new professional development opportunities and direction”, said Karina Parker Vivienne’s new manager.

While her colleagues at the farm are sad to see her go, they wish her all the best in her new career. Vivienne’s success has inspired everyone to reach for their dreams.