Urgent need for respite for people with a disability in Grafton

The urgent need for respite for people with a disability in Grafton, New South Wales, prompts community fundraising effort for new local service.

March 12, 2018

Leading disability services provider House with No Steps (now Aruma) is raising funds from the community to launch a respite service for people with a disability in Grafton, in Northern New South Wales, due to high demand for help from locals.

We’re seeking to raise $14,380, which would allow its new Grafton community hub to start offering overnight respite services.

Karen Barnes, our Flexible Support Manager in the Clarence Valley said a new respite service was urgently needed, as there was no local service available.

“We get a lot of enquiries for respite – what we call emergency short-term accommodation – from families that are at breaking point assisting someone with a disability at home 24/7,” said Karen.

“Sometimes, to be able to continue in their carer role, they just need a week off, even a couple of days off, knowing their loved one is supported and safe.

“One young man we currently assist has to go for overnight respite in another town which is a four-hour round trip away – it’s not what he or his family would choose.”

Karen said a local respite service would also give people with a disability an enjoyable break, away from their families and carers.

“For a person with a disability, going to respite is an opportunity to learn about making self-directed choices, and get a taste of more independent living.

“Many people get to try activities they wouldn’t otherwise, like going to the pub and playing pool or going to festivals, away from their family.

“They can also learn new skills – for example if someone wants to learn to cook, then lessons can be included in their respite weekend in a fun way.”

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