This week, on Better Homes and Gardens: Summerland Farm!

The BHG crew toured the farm and chatted to our staff and locals along the way!

March 15, 2023

Our picturesque Summerland Farm is buzzing with excitement to be featured on long-standing Aussie favourite lifestyle show Better Homes and Gardens this Friday, 17 March from 7pm on Channel Seven.

Watch the episode here. 

The BHG crew visited the farm in February, spending the best part of a day exploring the lush green avocado orchards, watching an avocado grading demonstration in the packing shed, patting furry miniature animals at the Animal Encounters barn, perusing the array of goodies in the shop, and cooking up a storm in the restaurant’s kitchen with new head chef Rob. 


Presenter Joh Griggs interviewed Supported Employees Zac and Sam, and other employees from across the farm and Aruma. 

Joh and the film crew were very friendly and approachable, even stopping to say hello to a few customers at the restaurant and shop.  

The segment is a brilliant promotional opportunity for the farm and Aruma, with more than 1.3 million people from all over Australia tuning in! Check out the promotional post here 

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