Showing the locals how it’s done!

Jennifer’s art wins multiple first prize awards at the 2024 Wauchope Show.

June 3, 2024

Jennifer Coffee is a lady of many talents. She loves gardening on a nice sunny day and cooking a feast in the kitchen. Yet, her true passion lies in the art she creates and shares with those around her.

After hearing about the Wauchope Show from her Aruma Support Worker, Rachael Sonter, Jennifer decided to enter some of her work.

“I entered seven of my recent art pieces into the show. I didn’t think they would win anything, but I felt so proud when I saw the ribbons and found out some of them had won,” said Jennifer with a big smile.

Her painting of two parrots took out first prize in the art section, and in the handicrafts section, her resin art serving bowl took out first prize, followed by her resin art chopping board taking out second prize.

“Jennifer is very determined and always striving to do her best. Now that she’s tasted winning, she’ll be eager to submit some art next year. It was a very proud moment for her, and she was very shocked and excited when she saw her work at the show,” said Manager of Shared Living, Michelle Donnelly.

Like the Sydney Royal Easter Show, all the art is displayed in a public gallery where attendees can get a good look at all the pieces. Jennifer enjoyed perusing the art gallery and getting inspiration for what she should create next. She loves to create her art in her Aruma home and when she’s at the Aruma Community Hub.

“I’ve been doing art for a long time, but before I joined Aruma, I had stopped for a while. I enjoy doing art at home and at the Fernhill Hub. I am currently working on a stained-glass coffee jar that I have bedazzled with diamond dots,” shared Jennifer.

Racel added, “Art is a big part of what Jennifer does at the Hub. It also gets her out and about in the community. She likes to visit The Seed Art School, where she follows along with classes or sometimes brings her own piece to create in the shared space.”

Jennifer likes to stay busy, and aside from working on her art, she has also been preparing the garden at the Hub for winter. She loves to grow everything – herbs, flowers, veggies, you name it, Jennifer grows it. She’s also hoping to start a compost at the Hub.

Way to go, Jennifer, and congrats again on the big wins!


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