Maitland pair roll with the punches

Aruma Support Worker Rob has encouraged customer Brad to learn how to box.

January 5, 2022

Aruma Support Worker Rob is an avid boxer who has encouraged customer Brad to join him at Short’s Boxing gym in the Maitland suburb of Thornton, NSW, to learn how to box.

Brad, who lives in a Supported Independent Living home (SIL) near Thornton, is really enjoying the sport so far. He boxes with Rob on pads, stretches and chats with other gym members. He also helps with filling up water bottles and wiping down equipment.

I was a bit nervous going the first time but by the third time, I started to get to know some people and enjoy their company, Brad said.

Rob gives me a ride there and sometimes we get takeaway on the way home, which is also good!

Rob and Brad training with gloves and mitts outside a gym with a boxing ring in the background.

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Keeping an active mind

Having struggled with mental health himself, Rob is a big believer in keeping active to help maintain a healthy mind.

Boxing not only helps build physical fitness but also mental toughness, Rob said.

“Getting through a really tough session helps you believe you can get through anything”

Boxing is an outlet for me to help manage my own mental health. I want to share the opportunity with customers like Brad because I know first-hand how much it can help.

Rob says he can already tell Brad is feeling more relaxed and calmer since starting to train at Short’s Gym.

It’s proven to be a great form of therapy for him, which gives him a sense of fulfilment, he said.

Rob has been working with Brad for about a year.

I’d love to get other customers to join Brad and I at the gym!

Brad is looking forward to going along to Rob’s very first professional boxing debut at Charlestown Bowling Club in Maitland in 2022.

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