Outcomes for Riverview Hostel residents

Linda and Beverely are two of the 27 former residents who we were able to provide support to find a home due to the sudden closure of Riverview Hostel in Hunter NSW.

October 9, 2015

Due to the announcement of Riverview Hostel’s sudden closure in 2014, our team in Hunter NSW provided 27 of the former residents with interim accommodation and support to find a new home.

As part of the NDIS pre-planning process, our team worked with each individual to define their goals and preferences for their future home. We also involved their families and carers, advocates, and external community organisations — ensuring each resident had choice and control over where, when, and with whom they would live.

Through our role, all 27 individuals chose us to provide supports and services under their NDIS plan, such as the management of their tenancy, drop-in support, shared living arrangements, life skills training, and support to attend appointments or other engagements.

We have since seen so many great outcomes for the residents to date. Not only are they now able to choose how they live their life, they’re also in a position to be part of their community, form new relationships, and in many cases be closer to family and friends.

Just one example of these fantastic outcomes is Beverley and Linda story. Riverview Hostel had been home to Beverley for seven years, and Linda for ten — so when the Hostel closed suddenly, both agreed it was time for a fresh start. After moving into their interim accommodation, the twosome quickly realised how compatible they were, and decided they’d like to live together.

Through the NDIS planning process, Linda and Beverley chose us as the service provider to support them to find a home where they’d enjoy greater independence and freedom.

After inspecting a lovely two-bedroom unit in Hamilton NSW, Beverley and Linda immediately envisaged the lifestyle they could share in it. Together they agreed to sign a lease, and will now receive ongoing support with their tenancy through our partnership with Housing NSW.

Since moving in, Linda and Beverley have been enjoying having their own space, the freedom to choose and prepare their own meals, and the opportunity to come and go as they please. They are excited about their future and are looking forward to exploring the local areas together — not to mention adding more personal touches to their new home!