Mother’s Day never ends for Noeleen

Megan and Nicole have raised the bar for daughters this Mother’s Day – celebrating their mum Noeleen every day they work alongside her.

April 20, 2018

Megan and Nicole Milford have raised the bar for daughters this Mother’s Day – celebrating their mum Noeleen Hardy not only on this special occasion, but every day they work alongside her at House with No Steps’ (now Aruma) supported employment workplace, Medical Packs and Supplies.

Noeleen has been working at the medical packaging service in Lambton, NSW, for 12 years. Eight years ago, she welcomed Megan to Medical Packs and Supplies, while Nicole started four years ago.

Medical Packs and Supplies offers supported employment to people with a disability – providing not only paid work and training, but also the opportunity to contribute and find meaning that comes through working.

The Milfords work across different areas, from packing medical treatment kits, to devices and forensic investigation kits for hospitals and emergency services.

As one might expect, Mother’s Day is an important tradition for them.

“Mother’s Day has always meant a lot – it’s not about presents, but having the family gather and spend quality time together,” said Noeleen.

“Working with Nicole and Megan means I get that every day, they remind me how much I love being a mother and a grandmother.”

Noeleen especially enjoys being able to see her daughters grow and thrive, saying: “Watching the girls grow into women has bought me so much pleasure – I’m glad they are working and contributing to society.”

So what’s it like to work alongside mum?

The Milford sisters said they absolutely love it, and appreciate Noeleen’s help and support, both in and out of the workplace.

“Mum always pitches in and helps. If she gets asked to do something she does it without complaining,” said Megan.

“I love mum, she is my rock – she supports me emotionally, helps me with my daughter Hannah and she’s so funny,” said Nicole, who is also a mother.