Meet Max the from Burleigh’s Facility Management team

Check out his story and learn more about Aruma’s Supported Employment opportunities.

June 7, 2024

“I love coming to work. I like putting on my uniform and I’m pretty good on the lawn mower. It’s nice to be around people and feel like you’ve got friends,” said Max Kennedy.

Max has only been working as a Supported Employee with Aruma’s Facilities Management team in Burleigh for three months but in that short time, he has made leaps and bounds towards his goals.

“Max works with the outdoor crew and he’s really settled in. He does mowing, uses the blower, and has done a bit of hedging work. When he was at school, he would help out with the grounds crew, so he already had some experience before joining us. One of the goals he is working towards now is learning the ride on mower and his teamwork skills,” said Service Delivery Supervisor, Michael Newman.

Facilities Management covers everything from ground maintenance, commercial cleaning, graffiti removal, electrical testing, and more. With customers like the Department of Communities and Justice, Telstra, and our very own Supported Independent Living homes, every day is different!

Michael said, “it’s a great job if you love the outdoors and you’re not afraid of some hard work. We’re always looking for people to join our team of supported employees. If they have experience in facility services, that’s great, but no experience is necessary. We offer lots of training opportunities and we will work with you to make sure you feel supported every step of the way.”

“For instance, Max is really passionate about singing and performing so we’ve really lent into that throughout his role. When we do his 1:1 progress report, we’ll hand him a mic and do it late night interview style. It’s a lot more engaging for him and it’s effective. Sometimes we will also set up a karaoke station as a reward for getting all his jobs done.”

Performing is something he loves to share with those around him. Max often pops into the Burleigh Head Office after work for a karaoke show, bringing lots of smiles to the team.

“When Max comes in, he always does a fantastic rendition of Slim Dusty. That’s his thing. He has his cowboy hat on and sings with all the expression in the world. I know he has dreams of being on TV and we’re happy to support him anyway we can,” said Trainer and Marketer, Deborah Carter.

Through his role with Facility Management, Max has found a job he loves, gained new experiences, and truly become a part of the amazing Aruma team!

We are always looking for more Supported Employees to join our teams. We have opportunities at the Burleigh Facility Management team but there are also other Supported Employment opportunities across our NSW, QLD, and ACT businesses. To learn more about these opportunities, call us on 1300 538 746 or get in touch via the website.


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