Aruma’s leading the way in Australian medical packs and supplies

Check out this recent achievement of the Aruma business crew in Lambton, New South Wales.

March 15, 2024

Since 2004, Aruma’s Medical Packs and Forensic Supplies business has become the leading supplier of forensic investigation kits for companies across Australia.

The social enterprise currently employs over 130 people with a disability and thanks to their collective efforts, they have just renewed their Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) qualification for the third time, which is no easy feat.

“Having a TGA qualification is basically like having a license to do the work you do. It enables the TGA to confirm that we are doing our job right and that we have the policies, procedures, checks and systems in place to ensure that hospitals can be assured of our work,” said Quality & Compliance Manager, Timothy McGrath.

Recertification is a lengthy process that occurs every five years. When Timothy joined Aruma in January last year, he set to work modernising the processes and bolstering the digital systems.

“We have been digitising in ways that are intelligent and reducing the administration burden where we can. We’ve made reports that are visible, and the system is now robust,” said Timothy.

The Lambton based team also assemble kits such as catheter packs, dialysis packs, dental kits, IV kits, anaesthetic prep kits and oral care packs for Australian hospitals, healthcare organisations and emergency services. These packs make an incredible difference to the industry.

Timothy explained, “Our kits and packs make a huge difference to the safety, speed and success of many medical treatments and investigations. Medical and healthcare professionals can access the equipment they need for a procedure in one complete pack, saving time and reducing the risk of infection and error.”

The supported employees (people with disability) who prepare these packs take a lot of pride in how their work helps Australian communities and they are committed to ensuring all processes are followed.

“We obviously have very stringent rules, and the supported employees are great with it. They are honestly the first people to notice and speak up if something is not right. The work they do requires so much attention to detail and care, and I’ve never met a more dedicated group of people,” said Timothy.


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