Fantastic feedback from family day

The Berkeley SIL team received a heart-warming thank you from our customer Jade’s family.

January 16, 2023

Before the Christmas break, several Supported Independent Living (SIL) homes across Aruma celebrated the festive season with family days.

Aruma staff spend months planning food, inviting the families, purchasing decorations, and preparing customers for these spectacular days, which often go by in a flash.

Seeing our customers and families laughing, smiling, and enjoying themselves is thanks enough, however it is nice to receive recognition for a job well done.

Rebecca Prestwidge, Manager Shared Living at Berkley SIL, recently received a lovely thank you letter for the family day Christmas party. It was sent in by our customer Jade’s family, who were very thankful for the day:

“We would like to thank the staff that made sure all the families had a great day. We would especially like to thank Paul for supplying equipment and all the setup and cleaning. We also want to thank Kerrie for her effort to ensure family day was a success, especially since it was her day off. She definitely went above and beyond expectations.

Thanks to all the other staff who contributed to the day and ensured all house members and families had a fun day.

It was great to see Tony laughing and the other customers enjoying their family’s company. Vince and Jade were having a karaoke session and laughing.

Overall, it was a fun and very enjoyable day. It was also nice that the Regional Manager Rebecca Curry dropped by and saw the fantastic job the staff had done with the setup, food, and engagement with customers and families.”

“Since managing the George St SIL, there has been a lot of work with the communication and culture between Aruma and the families. The team have worked really hard to create a positive culture and strong communication with the families. It was nice of Jade’s family to take the time to provide that feedback to us and was a positive end to a busy 12 months,” said Rebecca.

A highlight for Rebecca and Support Worker Paul Souris, was seeing everyone have a great time.

“It is always nice when we get positive feedback, but seeing everyone united on the day was the best thing. There was good weather, food and music. Seeing the customers singing loud and proud was great,” said Paul.

The classic 80’s banger ‘all night long’ by Lionel Richie had Jade and fellow housemate Vincent sharing their best karaoke voices and bopping to the beat.

When Paul asked Jade about his favourite part of the day, he said it was singing and talking with his mum and sisters.

We know this is just one example of staff across Aruma going above and beyond for our customers and families. They work hard work to ensure our customers live a great life, the life they want, a life they choose.

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