Facility Services branch out

House with No Steps (now Aruma) Facility Services Supported Employees team up with Vicinity shopping centre to lead war on waste with responsible recycling.

January 29, 2018

We recently formed a new partnership with Vicinity Shopping Centres (Vicinity). This has seen our Facility Services team work together with Vicinity to provide landscape maintenance, indoor plant maintenance, and recycling services in 26 locations across Queensland and New South Wales.

In November – as part of Recycling Week – Vicinity launched a new state-of-the art recycling system at Chatswood Chase in Sydney.

This system is manned by our employees and together they will help the shopping centre reach its zero waste by 2020 goal.

The recycling system has been so successful, Vicinity is looking to roll out more systems across its other shopping centres. We’re proud to partner with Vicinity, leading the way in responsible recycling and employment opportunities for people with a disability.