Confirmed cases of COVID-19 – August 18

An important update about confirmed cases of COVID-19. On Tuesday 18 August 2020, Aruma has had 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Victoria.

August 18, 2020

As at 4:00pm on Tuesday 18 August 2020, Aruma has had 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Victoria, comprising 5 customers and 12 staff. 16 of these cases are in Melbourne.

All five customers and all but one staff member have experienced only minor COVID-19 symptoms. Four customers and several staff members have fully recovered and received medical clearances, whilst others are awaiting medical clearance.

Aruma has implemented strict protocols that apply wherever there is an actual or suspected COVID-19 infection. These include:

  • Isolation and quarantining
  • The provision of full personal protective equipment
  • Testing and re-testing on day 11
  • Look-back tracing
  • Deep cleaning
  • The use of clinical and therapeutic supports and mobile nursing services to provide advice and monitor our customers’ health and wellbeing.

One Aruma staff member in Ballarat was diagnosed with COVID-19 late last week. Due to the diligence of this staff member in isolating as soon as a family member was tested, Aruma can confirm that all customers and staff who may have come in contact with this staff member have returned negative COVID-19 test results. We await the second round of testing on day 11 to be certain.

Andrew Richardson, Aruma’s CEO said:

“Keeping safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge for all Australians. We can’t afford to let our guard down. At Aruma, we are doing everything we can to protect the health and wellbeing of our customers and staff. Our teams are doing an amazing job under challenging circumstances. Despite the positive cases, our staff remain positive and completely committed to supporting our customers through this pandemic.”

“We are in regular contact with those affected and continue to support them. We wish them all a full and speedy recovery.”

Andrew said, “We won’t stop until COVID-19 does. There is no place for complacency.”

For more information:

Claudia Romero
Phone: 0438 491 101