Changes to our Businesses

An important update from Aruma COO, Laz Cotsios, about changes to our businesses because of COVID-19.

changesto ourbusinesses
March 31, 2020

Much like the rest of Australia, and the world, COVID-19 is having an impact on our day-to-day.

I want to share with you the latest from Aruma’s businesses. 

Summerland Farm

We’re safely continuing to produce our agricultural products and continuing our packing services. However, in line with the Australian Government COVID-19 measures, our farm’s attractions, café and function venues are currently closed. 

The following changes came into effect COB Tuesday 31 March 2020. 

Our Commercial Laundry

Since the virus first struck, we’ve seen a decrease in demand for this business. Local hotels / motels have very few guests, and they were some of our major customers. Fortunately, we still have a small number of customers, which we’ll continue to service. However, the drop in demand means we’ve had to scale back our operations.  


Our Recycling business, located in Warabrook, New South Wales (like the Laundry)has closed its doors for the time being.   

Aussie Biscuits

We’re temporarily shutting the factory and the retail doors of this local Forbes icon. We have plenty of stock and will be able to take orders from the public should they wish to email us directly on or call 1300 399 522. 

This hasn’t been an easy decision. Where we could, we have re-deployed our Supported Employees to other businesses, however, the majority of them will be on leave for the next little while.  

Our other businesses continue to operate, and we’re keeping a watchful eye over them.

For the latest on Aruma’s response to COVID-19, please keep an eye on our COVID-19 website information.


Laz Cotsios
Chief Operating Officer, Aruma