Three cheers for Wendy

The Sydney Shared Living team hosted a special event to celebrate Wendy at the Aruma Beverly Hills home.

May 2, 2024

Yesterday, the Aruma Beverly Hills home was filled with the sounds of laughter and the smell of delicious food as smiling faces from across the region came together for a very special lunch.

The Sydney Shared Living team celebrated Wendy Riley, who, you may remember, won the People’s Choice Award in a national art competition.

“We’re so proud of Wendy. Creating art brings her so much joy, and we’re so glad she gets to share that with those around her,” said Regional Manager, Yasmin Alameddin.

After enjoying some lunch, Wendy’s support team presented her with a gift basket filled to the brim with art supplies. Upon closer inspection, she was over the moon to see that it also included a t-shirt and mug with her winning art design printed on them.

There were also mugs for Wendy to share with her children and three mugs for some special guests… Aruma CEO Martin Laverty, Board Director ​Maura Boland, and Board Director Malcolm Kinns. All three were smiling ear to ear when they received the heartwarming gift.

“Thank you to our professional artist Wendy, who I had the pleasure of voting for in the competition. I’d also like to thank the entire team for being so welcoming and putting in so much effort to host us. It really speaks to how much pride you have for your work,” said Martin.

Wendy, who also has a sweet tooth, enjoyed dessert while catching up with familiar and new faces. Her key Support Worker, Nick Nicola, was right by her side and couldn’t be prouder of her achievements.

“It’s not about Wendy winning the competition. It’s all about her doing what she loves, expressing herself and having fun. Wendy has such a good heart, and that’s all that really matters in life – not your ability or disability, but what’s in your heart,” said Nick.

We couldn’t agree more!

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