BRAVE Olympics Round Two!

Check out the BRAVE Olympics hosted by Aruma's Children’s Services team to bring together our young customers.

October 18, 2023

The Children’s Services team hosted the second BRAVE Olympics, and it was golden! Young people who are supported by Aruma, came together for a fun day of sports and activities at Windaroo Valley State High School.

“Our passionate team recognised we were in a unique position to provide an opportunity for young people to come together. The event was fun, educational, engaging and accepting,” said Ashleigh Watkins, Organiser of the event and Aruma Children’s Services Manager for Southern Queensland.

She continued, “It was a chance to make positive memories, create strong relationships, build skills and most importantly, have fun!”

Over 40 Aruma staff got involved on the day and we had special guests from Aruma’s Customer Engagement team and Aruma’s Support Coordination teams. We also welcomed external connections from the Child Safety, Placement Services Unit (PSU) and Licensing team!

Everyone hit the ground running on the day (literally and figuratively.)

Nicki from the Department of Child Safety said, “Thank you for inviting us to such an amazing day and event. It was an incredible experience to finally put faces to voices and see the beautiful young people we work so hard to support, being kids and having fun.

She continued, “It was a fantastic event that we would love to come visit again next year. PSU sincerely appreciates the work you do with our young people and to see them running, laughing, and smiling makes everything we do so worth it!”

The day was a huge hit with everyone involved and the team received awesome feedback.

“The BRAVE Olympics is one of my favourite events in the Aruma Children’s Services calendar, it’s a wonderful opportunity for our young people and staff to connect, grow and support each other; BRAVE Olympics 2023 was a perfect day filled with colour, excitement and plenty of smiles!” said Aruma Children Services Leader, Eden Attwood.

“Summerstone House had the most amazing day participating in all the fun activities. I absolutely loved seeing all the kids smiles. Was a day to remember”, said Jess Robson, Support Worker.

When asked what they liked about the day, the young people said:

  • “I liked playing basketball with the staff!”
  • “My favourite game was the javelin.”
  • “I liked meeting up with my friends in other houses.”
  • “I liked winning all the medals! And tug of war!”
  • “I liked my country colours and dressing up.”

Big congrats to the team on such an amazing event.