A cuddly friend was love at first sight

Tenisha and her housemates have welcomed this furry friend into their home.

July 29, 2022

​​When 21-year-old Tenisha moved into our Supported Independent Living home (SIL) earlier this year, she couldn’t wait to get a pet of her own.  

So, she decided to adopt a guinea pig, and when she spotted Brownie at the pet store, it was love at first sight!

Tenisha loves bringing Brownie into the house for cuddles, says Shared Living Manager, Melanie.

Tenisha’s housemates, Amba and Renee, aren’t big animal fans, but Brownie quickly won them over with her stylish ‘mohawk’ and overall cuteness! Just look at her – who wouldn’t love Brownie?!

Tenisha is known for her big heart and loves helping her housemates. She also takes great care of Brownie, and always makes sure that she has a cosy spot to nap and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to enjoy.

We’re so glad that Tenisha and Brownie found each other.

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