Brendan achieves his goal

Our customer Brendan had a goal of moving into a SIL at 21. We found him the perfect one.

We could all use some good news right now, so let us tell you about our customer, Brendan!

When Brendan started his journey with us back in 2020, his goal was to move into his own place when he turned 21.

First, Brendan was matched with a Support Worker who supported him to meet new people and develop the skills he would need to achieve his goal.

When Brendan was ready, he and his mum, Corinne, started exploring Supported Independent Living (SIL) options.

Luckily, Aruma Customer Engagement Manager, Bobby, knew just the place – a house in Newcastle where two workmates from Brendan’s new job lived!

When we first introduced Brendan to the guys, I got chills. There was just a real good feeling about it, says Bobby.

“They happily chatted away about shared interests, and I remember thinking ‘wow, this has the makings of a perfect match!'”

Brendan walked out of the hallway and just said ‘yep, I’ll live here’, remembers Corinne.

That just says it all, doesn’t it?

The move

After some delays due to COVID-19, Brendan moved in last year.

He has settled into his new home and has made some great friendships with his housemates Coby and Mark, says Brendan’s Support Worker, Kim.

We like sports, playing games, and footy, says Brendan.

They also like to cook and barbeque together.

Mark does cooking and I do the serving, says Brendan.

The trio aren’t just housemates – they’re workmates too!

They help each other get ready and they all look out for each other. Coby has even been helping Brendan with learning to use public transport, says Corinne.

We’re excited to see what adventures the trio get up to in 2022!