Arumie’s who travel: Disney day out!

Jeaneen, Samantha, Cody and Corrine head to Disney On Ice!

Disney On Ice is a magical experience that combines ice skating, gymnastics, and special effects with the stories and music from everyone’s favourite Disney movies. 

The show comes to Australia every winter and this year, it kicked off in Brisbane on June 27th. It’s been a hit with our participants in the past, especially Jeaneen who lives in a Supported Independent Living home in Goulburn.  

She travelled all the way up to Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena for the show last year and gave us a raving review!  

“I just loved it, I did. I loved seeing my favourite characters,” shared Jeaneen.  

Home and Living Manager, Michael Snare, added “We all love working with Jeaneen, and seeing her happy makes us happy.” 

“Jeaneen is a HUGE Disney fan, and she wanted to go to Disney On Ice for her birthday. Of course, the team knew we had to make this happen, so we all got to work straight away.”  

Jeaneen’s housemates Samantha and Cody and their friend Corinne from a nearby SIL also came along for the ride. It was a memorable day for all, and they’re still raving about it. 

He continued, “All of the customers were involved in every stage, from ticket purchase to planning where we’d park and the itinerary for the day. A lot of planning was involved to make the trip from Goulburn to the Qudos Bank arena in Sydney go smoothly.” 

Michael’s tips for if you are heading to Disney On Ice this year is plan in advance. 

“I’d recommend pre-booking your parking, leave yourself enough time to get to the venue early and check out the merchandise, check the Qudos website to learn more about accessibility options and what food is available, and most importantly, involve your participants in the planning process,” he said.   

Jeaneen’s rating for Disney On Ice: 5/5!