Spa hydrotherapy helps five women in Tamworth

Five of our customers in Tamworth, NSW, need your help so they can install a hydro spa in their own home.

Help five ladies with a disability access spa therapy

Three women with a disability in a courtyard outside. Two use a wheelchair.

In Tamworth, NSW, we support five women in a Supported Independent Living (SIL) service, four of whom have high physical support needs.

These women have been accessing a therapy spa bath located at another of our SIL sites where five men live.

Spa therapy and supervised mobilisation can have major beneficial effects for people with a disability – both mentally and physically. There are improvements in cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, better sleep, relief from headaches, body aches and pains, as well as alleviating stress and anxiety.

Emotional wellbeing and mental health can also be greatly improved. A hoist supported spa both provides independence and freedom to their personal care, a small but important part of their day. It means they can wash themselves instead of someone else doing it.

While all this is amazing, it’s not appropriate long term for the ladies to travel to other people’s home to use their bath (just imagine if you had to do it…). The trip is a 15-minute drive for them and their support team, once a week. Not ideal.

Help us assist these women to build a therapy spa bath in their own home.

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