Remembrance and memorial sculpture launch transcript

We honoured benefactors who left us a gift in their Will by launching a Partners in Dignity Remembrance and Memorial Sculpture at Summerland House Farm.

Video transcript

News presenter: The Alstonville Summerland House with No Steps today commemorated some of its most revered benefactors. Erecting a sculpture in their honour, the seven donors were remembered for their generous contributions.

Ashleigh: A fitting tribute to those who have given so much to the Summerland House with No Steps. Seven individual Magnolia flowers, a symbol of dignity, each representing a benefactor.

Andrew: Look, we can’t do what we do without community support, and a key part of that are the people who do leave us a gift in their wills.

Ashleigh: Today, the sculpture was officially unveiled. For 53 year old Erica Halverson it was a touching tribute to her father.

Erica: My father was a Benefactor for House with No Steps and he put a lot of money in to make sure that I have education and my unit is also in the name of the House with No Steps.

Ashleigh: The sentiment behind the plant bringing tears to her eyes.

Erica: I am very proud and I really miss him. He was my soulmate, he was everything to me.

Ashleigh: Since opening in 1962 the Alstonville House with No Steps has helped more than 100,000 people with disabilities, and continues to do so thanks to the support of the community.

Andrew: The work we do is valuable and has a huge positive impact on the lives of people with a disability, there is way more need than we have resources to meet.

Ashleigh: Ashleigh Saunders, NBN news.

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