House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation (now Aruma) officially unite transcript

We’re delighted to confirm that House with No Steps and Tipping (now Aruma) have now merged. Supporting people with a disability in more places and in new and better ways – that’s the reason we’ve joined forces.

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Andrew: Hi, I’m Andrew Richardson.

I’m delighted to confirm that House with No Steps, The Tipping Foundation and Vista have now merged.

We’re passionate about the Human Tights and wellbeing of people with a disability. That’s the reason we exist, and that’s what drives us.

We’ve joined forces to increase our impact. We’re stronger together, and will strive to help every customer and client flourish under the NDIS.

We’ll provide consistent, high-quality services throughout eastern Australia; we’ll invest to attract, develop and retain great staff; and we’ll implement new technologies to make us easier to engage with and the NDIS easier to navigate.

I’m honoured to lead our merged organisation as its CEO.

For me, this is personal. My daughter, Louise, has a disability and my wife Janette and I face the same challenges as many of our customers. We’re learning first-hand how to navigate the NDIS to achieve the best possible outcomes for Louise and for the rest our family.

I want to reassure you that there are no changes to our frontline staff and customer service arrangements now the merger has happened. The same great staff will continue to support the same customers in the same way.

For the time being, House with No Steps, The Tipping Foundation and Vista will continue operating under their own names.

With each day, we’ll work in partnership with you to further improve and refine our services. All changes will be well-considered. There won’t be change for change’s sake.

You can find out more about our merger on the hwns dot com dot au and tipping dot org dot au websites.

We’re tremendously excited by the possibilities ahead, and hope you are too.

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