Heather’s Active Story

Heather used to be a very shy young lady, but through our Active Support her confidence is growing and she is now able to do things for herself and make her own choices.

Video transcription

VERONICA: In the past, support workers would actually do things for customers in terms of assistance; feeding, getting drinks, getting coffee. Whereas now, active support is more about empowering our customers to do these things for themselves.

We don’t want people just looking on, we want them to be actively engaged and doing things for themselves, no matter how little it is, we want them to be actually controlling their lives, their choices and taking part in their own life.

Heather’s a very shy, quiet young lady, but she has a great sense of humor and she loves to please.

HEATHER’S MUM: She’s just wonderful, she’s a good kid. Active support was something that we were looking for, something where Heather could be more active and do more for herself.

VERONICA: Heather elected to come to Aruma because she had a friendship with one of our other customers, which was really exciting because under the NDIS, Heather could actually then do that now. Prior to the NDIS, she didn’t have that choice.

We do a lot of computer work, we’re looking at Word processing, importing photographs and putting them into documents.

HEATHER’S MUM: She’s doing a book called all about me.

HEATHER: We wrote down the people’s names, and then we had to write where they lived, and put all the pictures into the books. It’s something that I offered to do.

VERONICA: One of Heather’s goals is to meet new friends, so this is a wonderful way for her to achieve that. The outcome of NDIS is around gearing independence for our customers. Active support is the way we’re going to do that.

HEATHER’S MUM: Since being with Aruma, we’ve laid foundations for Heather to grow and learn and become more independent.

She’s getting the things that she needs and she’s getting more excited and starting to open up a lot more – which is what you want.

End of transcription