Belinda and David’s story transcript

Belinda and David are not only siblings – they are housemates and best friends. They recently both recruited the own support staff.

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Ron: I’m Ron.

Lyn: And i’m Lyn.

Ron: We’re here in Newcastle, NSW and we’ve got two adult children with intellectual disabilities.

We engaged our staff through House with No Steps and they provide the staff for both Belinda and David. House with No Steps provides for us the help we need with a self-managed package.

Belinda: I’m Belinda Prince. I’m 30 years old and I’m from Newcastle.

It was a great experience to pick House with No Steps because I get to choose my own staff and I had to advertise the ads.

Brittany: Hi my name’s Brittany, I am Belinda’s Lifestyle Assistant. I’m employed by House with No Steps. They recommended me to the Prince family because they were looking for a Lifestyle Assistant for Bel. Bel’s looking at getting her L’s pretty soon, you’ve been studying for four months, is it? So we’re trying to get that underway as soon as we can.

Belinda: House with No Steps has been fantastic throughout this process. I’m in control of my own staff and I’m passionate about making my own choices and my own decisions.

Shem: I’m Shem Nilon. My role as a Lifestyle Assistant for Dave is just to help him have a complete, full, life. To do the things that he’d like to do.

Each time I come he meets me at the door with a great big ‘How you going mate?’ and a huge big smile. So I love coming and being part of Dave’s life.

Dave: Thanks Shem

Shem: Dave’s primary goal has been to get a group of friends that he can be part of. They can go out to see the footy, they can go and watch a movie, they can go and have a backyard BBQ.

Shem: You have a BBQ in the backyard?

Dave: Yeah

Shem: Cook it up!

Brittany: I love working with Belinda, she’s great. She’s a little ball of sunshine. She’s always really set on her goals, so that’s really good. She always know what she wants to do for the day and what she wants to work on.

Shem: So, he loves to see green growth. He has a fantastic garden growing out here, it’s a jungle isn’t it Dave?

Dave: A jungle!

Shem: It has absolutely taken off. He inherited his grandfather’s boat. He looks after it with the most passion you’ve ever seen. We usually try and get out every couple of weeks, take his boat out for a run.

Dave: A run.

Shem: He starts it himself, don’t you Dave?

Dave: Yeah

Shem: His boat is the only thing that Dave loves to drive, and he is the only driver.

Ron: I think the choice on recruiting their own staff and making the decisions on who they wanted to work with, they’re a lot more happy, lot more settled in the home.

Lyn: Their life quality has improved enormously through having the supported living fund and especially with the House with No Steps.

Ron: They have really got a bit of a buzz about them.

Brittany: Belinda’s a really keen swimmer, she’s actually a swim teacher for children with disability. So, I support her to go down to the local swimming pools and get out to the community.

Belinda: I’m pretty excited about the future that holds for me, in my life.

It’s pretty exciting at the moment which I think it’s fantastic to achieve my goals and my dreams for this year and next year.

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